Thursday, 13 October 2011

My Stall.

So last weekend was my first experience of having my own stall at a market, hard work? No way, I loved it....I think the best thing about the whole experience is the comments that people make, I have spent months making all the pieces purely from personal taste and it was so rewarding that people also appreciated the results, each piece sold made me smile, the knowing thought that someone is walking around wearing jewellery that I have put together.

(And my flat/my factory as my friend Scamps calls it is now full of it...)

I had one lady that visited the stall on Sunday and she was full of such beautiful comments about the jewellery, it was such a nice feeling. Now, I have chosen Saturday, the same spot each week, my weeks are now full of making pieces ready to sell on Saturday hopefully....

It was not only down to me, I could reap the rewards for making the pieces, but it was down to my Mum who made the stall so special, fur covering the table, all of my necklaces hanging from tree branches and silver tree logs as stands for the bracelets, even if people wasn't necessarily buying anything most said how nice it looked.

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