Friday, 31 August 2012

Elizabeth Cole.

My mum is to blame for loving ram's head, snakes and lion heads on jewellery, I found these pieces of jewellery on the Charm and Chain website by Elizabeth Cole. 'Founded by Stephanie Owen in 2005 it features intricately designed costume jewellery made in the United States. Inspired by a combination of the American West and antique and vintage jewellery, bold pieces are a staple of the line, collages of crystals and chains, vintage coins, ram heads, lions and even fish make the pieces both unique and luxurious.'

That Eye Make-up.

I think me and my friends are obsessed with the Olsen twins, literally everythign about them including their make up. My make up never really changes from day to night with very few products being used on both occasions, now if I could do make up properly I would have my eye make up exactly like this....

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Perfectly Delicate.

Delicate is beautiful. I love small details, so small but so noticeable that even the most unattentive people notice. The material is irrelevant, although some are delicate enough alone, like lace and crochet for example. As with most feminine things as I've said before I find they look even more beautiful paired with something so oppositely masculine that it emphasises the contrast between the two. And, I have a new one, its gone from imagine that with jean shorts or a white shirt to now imagine that with old, worn jeans, which I think these tops look nicest with. I think I am literally attracted to polar opposites in pretty much most subjects from the weather, being cosy and warm by the fire to being free and happy on a beach, from jeans, skinny jeans with big jumpers and T-shirts to baggy worn jeans with fitted shirts and thin delicate tops, I could carry on all day, it must just be in me to take a liking to the extremes. Even on this subject of delicate tops I appreciate both ends of the spectrum to plain tops with small tiny details to over embellished tops that couldn't fit another sequin on them. I'm not into over the top dressing, hair being neat or perfectly placed accessories I prefer everything being imperfect, messy hair, clothes in no particular order, a mass of jewellery and an odd bag. Tops such as these are exactly how I envision my perfect outfits when I am thinking of something to wear, usually being things that I don't own, with just an old pair of jeans and just sandals. Zara:
Wished I knew where this was from...
A vintage top I found with no more room for one more sequin!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Gold Feathers.

The new magazine that is being given out in the City, aMuse, is such a good read. Im only a quarter of the way through and Ive wrote loads of things down that I want to go and see and buy if I could, including this Burberry gold feather coat....

Monday, 27 August 2012

Box Bag.

The chain box suede bag by Topshop, I picked black as always.

Body Jewellery.

Jewelllery is one of the things I love, in all different styles from very simple strings and thin delicate rings to tons of it hanging round your neck and a million fussy, twinkling rings. I've noticed these body chains have been appearing for a while, I like the idea of them with a simple outfit paired with all these unusual details, I can imagine them looking more beautiful on bare skin on the beach with a bikini, as seen on Candice, as I'm always going form extremes it has continued on this subject also, I love the look of both these detailed ones form River Island and then at the far end of the body chain spectrum are these fine simple creations that are barely noticeable.
Also seen at River Island, he thigh chain.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Flowers of Dior.

PARIS — Before a single sculpted skirt swayed down the runway, or a blue shoe stepped daintily forward, or a model pursed her scarlet lips under a light veil and shook her long, flat hair, the debut Christian Dior couture collection from Raf Simons said it with flowers. Five grand rooms of a classic Parisian mansion were filled with one million blooms: walls thick with white orchids, yellow mimosa and blue delphiniums — just the colors that would appear on the runway. “I wanted it to be linked to the codes of Christian Dior — but to make it dynamic, modern, energetic,” Mr. Simons, 44, said after the winter 2012 couture show to explain his own historic/modern approach. The blooms were a homage to Mr. Dior’s “Flower Woman” and passion for gardens.
My favourite pieces from the collection...

The Maxmara Shoe.

L O V E the shoes featured in the A/W 2012 Maxmara campaign.

Plait. Knot. Ponytail.

I think pinterest is my new go to for inspiration easy to use and even more helpful that it is broken down into mood boards so I dont even have to sort through all the images if I'm looking for something in general. Its also easy to know that your favourite blogs will also be your favourite pinterest' is a good one, Studded Hearts, I have been looking at all the pictures of hair, no matter what you have on I think hair makes it so much nicer!
I'm liking plaits at the moment.