Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Shiney Tod's

To be honest I've never been a fan of the classic Tod's loather with the infamous rubber pattern going up the back of the heel, however these Leather Sole Penny Loafers in metallic gold and silver are still a classic shape with the metallic finish being the more fashion feature of the shoe. Whenever me and my friends spot something new clothes wise that we want to buy its always 'imagine it with jean shorts' well as summer is nearly over I'm going with what my mum would always say 'imagine it with a white shirt' So my new outfit I've imagined in my head after spotting these is currently old jeans, white shirt and either the silver or gold loafers, or as the Tod's website describes them as grey or orange?! Being such a well known brand the background behind the brand is more often than not left out of anywhere the products are online, there is no need for the story behind it as it is what is is TOD's. I'm more into reading the fantasy stories of a girl/boy unknown to the fashion world wanting to design and going to the magical St Martins School of fashion, and eventually after years of hard work becoming successful not necessarily as big as these brands but still managing to keep there creations a success, brands this big the fun, innocent stories are now literally history it turns into a whole new world when they reach those dithering heights, but having said all that I didn't actually know any of the history behind such an iconic brand so it deserved a small amount of research. Note that when researching brands like this it appears on Wikipedia so we know we will be faced with the facts rather than my favourite more personal stories. Tod's Group is an Italian company, presided by businessman Diego Della Valle who started the shoemaking business out of a basement in the late 1920's, his elder son expanded the workshop and turned it into a factory that started manufacturing shoes for American department stores in the late 1970's. Diego brought in innovative marketing strategies in the early 1880's one being kepping the handmade manufacturing process. The story continues successfully as Tod's now have boutiques and concessions all around the world.

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