Monday, 6 August 2012

Pom Pom's.

Me and my mum have always been obsessed with pom pom's or as we would call them 'bobbles.' Growing up my mum has stitched them onto everything from shirts to vests, to me wearing pom pom hair bands to school and getting a letter home from the Head teacher asking if 'Callahan could refrain from wearing hair accessories from all the colours in the rainbow' these were of course in the form of little pom pom's, which made mum smile and came as more of a compliment to me as opposed to the understanding Mr Hay was expecting from parents to tone down the colours whilst at school. I have to laugh at us now, although I would say we are almost grown out of our bobble phase, there are occasions when we see a plain shirt or dress and without my mum even finishing her sentence I know exactly how it ends....'imagine it all bobbled up.' We have been in the trimming shop in Marylebone and out of the hundreds of trimmings our eyes automatically are drawn to some sort of pom pom. So, whilst looking on the 5 inch and up blog and seeing these shoes it brought back all these memories, and coming home to show my mum, I knew what reaction I would get, you have to buy them. Well of course. Found on Asos by Sandra from


  1. isn't great when childhood loves get the grown up treatment?! love these.


  2. OBSESSED with those shoes! x


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