Thursday, 24 January 2013

Les Plus Dores.

I started seeing these t-shirts a little while ago and its got to the stage where I want to know who makes them and blah blah blah. So I've gathered that they are the surnames of designers printed on a sports t-shirt, more specifically 'in that stylish sporting spirit comes new line Les Plus Dores (French for 'the most golden') where fashions heavy hitters have their names and birth years emblazoned across t-shirts and sports jerseys' Twenty One year old creative director and founder Benjamin Fainlight dropped his first limited collections of t-shirts back in last year during summer with Team Slimane shirts selling out within hours of going live on the labels website. 'We decided to start the Dream Team because there wasnt an easy way to show your fashion taste or allegiance' says Fainlight. Apparantly now selling at Browns aswell, I'm not even sure who I would pick probably Team Philo, the website has a really good tumblr aswell here.

Tom Ford Rules:

My mum was telling me the other day about an interview she had read with Tom Ford which showed his passion for perfection and everythign being immaculate. Apparantly everyone who works in his office their desks and the insides of all cupboards need to be so tidy and organised that they could be photographed at anytime. And I just found another list of Tom's.

Monday, 21 January 2013


Whenever I'm in my mood of stranded on a desert island, tribal jewellery, messy beach hair, living very homely, making all things seem beautiful sort of mood Spells blog never fails to disappoint. Its just images that are not seen elsewhere and if they do feature an editorial they all seem to belong to the same theme and its clear what ones they would choose, the way they live, even one of the girl's weddings its so far from what I am used to it just seems not real, where going home and going to the beach and surfing is like me going to the gym after work the equivalent is not even worth the depression to go on about, but at the same time its so nice to read about an opposite lifestyle. This morning, a Monday, working in an office, thick snow outside, I was reading a post from a guest, Hanalei Reponty the snippet of her life just sounded like a made up story. 'Yes Hanalei, like the bay. It means moon crescent. It’s a special name, that I am very grateful to have. I am from Tahiti, where dreams become reality.I learned how to swim before I could walk, and that is when I discovered the beauty of nature and all the treasures in the ocean. I was born and raised in paradise, and my love for the ocean became unconditional. The beach was my playground, and everything tasted like sand, salt and sunscreen.Surfing came as a natural thing in my life, like a blessing from the gods. I remember my brother and I standing up on my dad’s boards, spending hours in the water, like dolphins in their element. Now it is my life, because everything revolves around surfing, waves, swells, new spots, fins, boards, leashes and wax. It’s a passion, a passion that I share with mother nature. The best part of it is being out there, in the line-up, surrounded by the infinity of waves and people I love: my man, parents, my brother and my friends. No words can describe this feeling. The rush of adrenaline, the mesmerising powerfulness of the water, duck diving under the waves, the smiles on all the faces. The ocean will always be my favourite place. Where I resource myself. Where my happiness is, or where I drown my sorrows. No matter what, the ocean always puts you back into your rightful place. It can lift your spirits up, or teach you how to be humble. The ocean is the best cure.I got to travel the globe for surfing and modelling from a really young age, it really opened up my mind and vision of the world and shaped who I am. I got to surf in four different oceans, and countless perfect waves. Traveling is the most thrilling experience ever: you never know where you’re gonna end up, who you’re gonna meet, what you’re gonna see or discover. All these are little hidden jewels and memories which are gonna fill up your heart and mind for the rest of your life. More, friends you meet on your way are unforgettable. Every new friend, every new culture and every new country impacted on who I am today. Traveling the world taught me a lot about myself and about others, and I discovered that adventure is the best way to learn. But home will always be home, and the ocean the special place in my heart. Along the way, people taught me that you can make your wildest dreams tomorrow’s reality. Life is what you make it, you just have to understand that you are the only person that can get you were you want to be. Now go out there, travel, live your life to the fullest, be kind to the earth, jump in the ocean, fall in love, create your destiny and never ever regret anything. Love Hanalei.' All imagages from Hanalei's blog.

Sunday, 20 January 2013


Scamps found that girl! My friend sent me a picture of a girl wearing check trousers and a matching blazer with converse the other day, and then I came across her blog here. A blogger, freelance stylist, writer and consultant who has such a nice style 'the perfect blend of vintage and new' living in New York.

The Haute Persuit.

Seeing as Sunday's are lazy days I thought I would just extend the laziness to my blog, no of course they are none of photos, or have I I bothered to think of something to write about, or even go searching for images. Just click here, a new blog that I have found. And all I've got to say is I love her style and thats about it.

Friday, 18 January 2013

The French.

I'm not even going to write about them, but seriously the way the fench dress is unreal.


As I'm going through a new phase of only having things in my wardrobe that I love I found this outfit on Fash and Chips here, and literally want to buy the whole outfit, think I might just stick with the coat though, being sensible and that.
Bomber jacket-Topshop Boutique, Jeans-COS, Jumper-Olive, Leather backpack-ASOS

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A Simpler Selfridges.

I was reading an article in Vogue this month named 'quiet revolution' which was in reference to the new spirit of soft-spoken understated clothes which are the new femininity apparently, the editorial before the article proves exactly this though, just perfectly simple no fuss (held in place by magic instead of zips and other unsightly fastenings) , pieces that would stand the test of time and not be stuck in a phase or trend. It discusses how minimalism has moved on from when it first appeared as clinical starkness and super-simplistic shapes to now, when we see softer cuts and flowing silks with a more tailored look. So onto what I wanted to find out about, Selfridges being 'so enamoured with the movement that it is taking a purer approach to fashion, design and retail with its No Noise initiative.' Here. They have introduced 'The Quiet Shop' a careful edit of minimalist design of fashion. accessories and beauty products, some of the worlds most recognisable brands have taken the symbolic step of removing their logos in our collection of de-branded products. I have been watching Mr Selfridge (such a good series!) when it first opened its doors in 1909 Harry Gordon Selfridge created a silence room where busy shoppers could 'retire from the whirl of bargains and the build up of energy' and now it is being brought back by the No Noise initiative in the form of the Silence Room, sheilding the noise and human traffic of the store, customers will be asked to remove their shoes aswell as mobile phones and other twenty first century distractions at the door. Even the infamous yellow carrier bags are deemed far too shouty and so will be treated to the de-branding. One of the brands that will be available is Acne's exclusive White Label, celebrating all things white with twenty of its archive's most-loved designs being re-released entirely in white.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


I went to buy one a few months ago, tried it on and was told to get it off, then I saw Rumi wearing one here and its made me want to find one again and as its already pushing all boundries of what I would usually wear I would go for the plainest one in one of my usual colours (black or any other understated dark colour, brown? khaki?) and hope to pull it of?