Monday, 14 January 2013

Stall Ideas.

I had a wander round Spitafeilds market and Brick Lane on Sunday, having a brief look around the market its noticeable that every other stall is selling jewellery. Sometimes its good for me to actually walk around as someone looking to buy something, its easier to see what stalls stand out and what makes you go over and take a look at what is on the stall. Next time I do my stall I have decided on a completely different layout, and I have changed every piece that I was selling previously, the big necklaces are now an amalgamation of three or four necklaces that were classed as the 'big' ones last time and the more simpler stuff such as the bracelets have all been started again. I suppose it will always be the case when you make something in a few months you look back and would change so many things about it, just like I buy something and in a few months its at the back of the wardrobe never to be worn again, but maybe you should just keep them as they are to show a progression. Aswell as having my big necklaces I also want a completely simple section, as this is exactly like myself, I have two opposite ends of style that I like in clothes aswell as jewellery, as much as I love massive necklaces I also love just as much the most simple things such as a thin string around your wrist. One of the ideas I had was having a wardrobe with fur coats hanging on the door and each of the necklaces hanging on hangers for people to look through, that was when I was imagining the big necklaces. (Obviously tweeked to fit into a market!)
Then there's the simple side, which wouldnt fit into this theme, another idea was to get old photo frames (like I have displayed some of the necklaces) and have it like a sort of gallery so you walk into the stall and look at each from. In fames like this.
Or a scrapbook on a table with pictures of the jewellery, a big old one for the more elaborate stuff, and a simple modern look for the simple peices.

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