Sunday, 6 January 2013


I know that every now and then there is that 'it book' that everyone who's anyone claiming they have an interest in fashion should have read or be reading, and Grace is having its moment. My brother bought it for me for Christmas and out of all if the books I received I've just started this one, avoiding all of the reviews on other blogs allowing me to make up my own mind about the book and of Grace herself. Typically I know her from her appearance in The September Issue not one to visually miss with her bright red mane but also due to being a stand out opinionated character. And then it was all confirmed in the first chapter, Grace never ever wanted to be filmed or fall into the 'celebrity' spotlight, which I like about her, she is a true talent in her workplace and working for Vogue there is no need for any pr working behind the scenes in fashion your work stands alone and speaks for itself, granted people are intrigued by who the person is behind the work but ultimately not knowing creates more of a mystery. I presumed that the Grace featuring in the documentary was her not hiding anything about her personality and just generally getting on with her job whilst ignoring the camera's (as hard as that may be) but as I read the first chapter she explained that she made it perfectly clear to Anna (yes of course she was on first name terms, they have worked together for more than twenty years) that she did not want anything to do with the film crew she avoided the camera whenever she spotted it and vocally made her opinion clear that she did not want to be filmed she was more interested in completing her normal job as hard as that was without the interference of a film crew. Eventually, she had to give in, and that is why we see Grace as such a fiery opinionated character she wanted to say the worse hoping that her bits would be cut and not make it to the final edit, however that some what back fired and she played a main character in the feature film due to I presume her behavior and how it gave an insight to behind the scenes and living up to the stereotypes of what it is like working for a magazine. I love people that are passionate about their work, something which just reading the first chapter you would gather form Grace without knowing anything else about her, and another thing the fact that you are at the top in your working position and want to avoid public recognition of all types instead your hard work being ernt gracefully from what is produced. She describes her surprise, 'here I am doing something I never imagined I'd be old or interesting enough to embark on: writing my memoirs.' She also mentions her first experiences of being recognised due to the success of the documentary, Grace was out having dinner with Nicolas Ghesquiere (as you do) and he asked if it was true hat people recognise her wherever she goes? She suggested he walk home with her....people began popping out of bars and restaurants 'Grace. Its Grace!' And that is the ending of the first chapter, just a snippet of her life and already I cant wait to find out more, 'interesting enough to write a memoir?' Well of course.

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  1. Such a legend! I really want to read this book as well. Once you're done with it you ought to do a full review!


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