Thursday, 24 January 2013

Les Plus Dores.

I started seeing these t-shirts a little while ago and its got to the stage where I want to know who makes them and blah blah blah. So I've gathered that they are the surnames of designers printed on a sports t-shirt, more specifically 'in that stylish sporting spirit comes new line Les Plus Dores (French for 'the most golden') where fashions heavy hitters have their names and birth years emblazoned across t-shirts and sports jerseys' Twenty One year old creative director and founder Benjamin Fainlight dropped his first limited collections of t-shirts back in last year during summer with Team Slimane shirts selling out within hours of going live on the labels website. 'We decided to start the Dream Team because there wasnt an easy way to show your fashion taste or allegiance' says Fainlight. Apparantly now selling at Browns aswell, I'm not even sure who I would pick probably Team Philo, the website has a really good tumblr aswell here.

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