Saturday, 16 February 2013

Gabriela Artigas.

For day-to-day jewellery nothing can beat simplicity. Gabriela Artigas studio reflects her designs,earth floors, modern furniture upon which finished jewelery is displayed alongside interesting trinkets, chunks of quartz and turquoise. Born in Mexico her talent was discovered whilst in a supermarket Gabriela was struck by the vibrant colours of a toothbrush brand, she bought a handful removed the bristles and molded them into cuffs. A few weeks later she contacted the factory to inquire about purchasing several thousand toothbrushes, as every time she wore one of her cuffs it was bought off her wrist. The instantaneous sensation of the toothbrush cuff prompted her to try making jewellery using other materials leading to designing her first collection '21'(the age she took up designing full time) in 2003. As for inspiration, when asked Gabriela just smiles a gestures around her, the world at large is the wellspring of her creativity and the smallest details find their way into her artistry. The theme of contrast prevails in terms of her style miniskirts with trainers and jewellery, a diamond stud in one ear, a delicate gold hoop in the other. She combines copper vintage chains with rough quartz and chunks of faceted jade with smooth ebony. 'Her jewellery line is rooted in her very being as a natural offshoot of her sensibility, it is unsusceptible to fleeting fashion trends, her design process cannot be constrained letting the materials similarities and differences play off of one another, influencing the arrangement and ensuring that the outcome will be respectful of its individual components.

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