Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A Simpler Selfridges.

I was reading an article in Vogue this month named 'quiet revolution' which was in reference to the new spirit of soft-spoken understated clothes which are the new femininity apparently, the editorial before the article proves exactly this though, just perfectly simple no fuss (held in place by magic instead of zips and other unsightly fastenings) , pieces that would stand the test of time and not be stuck in a phase or trend. It discusses how minimalism has moved on from when it first appeared as clinical starkness and super-simplistic shapes to now, when we see softer cuts and flowing silks with a more tailored look. So onto what I wanted to find out about, Selfridges being 'so enamoured with the movement that it is taking a purer approach to fashion, design and retail with its No Noise initiative.' Here. They have introduced 'The Quiet Shop' a careful edit of minimalist design of fashion. accessories and beauty products, some of the worlds most recognisable brands have taken the symbolic step of removing their logos in our collection of de-branded products. I have been watching Mr Selfridge (such a good series!) when it first opened its doors in 1909 Harry Gordon Selfridge created a silence room where busy shoppers could 'retire from the whirl of bargains and the build up of energy' and now it is being brought back by the No Noise initiative in the form of the Silence Room, sheilding the noise and human traffic of the store, customers will be asked to remove their shoes aswell as mobile phones and other twenty first century distractions at the door. Even the infamous yellow carrier bags are deemed far too shouty and so will be treated to the de-branding. One of the brands that will be available is Acne's exclusive White Label, celebrating all things white with twenty of its archive's most-loved designs being re-released entirely in white.

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