Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Red Leather.

OK, just questioning myself out loud. Would you ever wear red? No, never. Red leather? erm no definitely not. And then I've gone and bought a pair of red leather trousers, makes sense I know. But as much as I picture red leather looking distastefully cheap I then remembered the editorial of Kate in Vogue, the one where she's sitting down with a pair of red leather trousers and a leopard print coat, yes even saying it sounds vile and in cheaper versions I'm sure it would look just that, but then you have Kate wear it and the pieces being the most expensive versions and it just looks like that ('that' referring to the way she just makes anything look beautiful but unkempt.) Unkempt being the reason I think they look so nice on some people, a neat look with red leather trousers would take it back to all the negative connotations you would associate with this particular item of clothing. Its something that could not be anymore on the border or completely tacky and cheap and so different, rocky/messy/ kind of beautiful.

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