Friday, 4 January 2013

The Twin-Set.

Twin sets. When you hear this I'm sure, like me, you don't imagine anything remotely youngish, classic maybe, neat, elegant well something along those lines, and even the actual individual pieces presumably its a thin jumper, round neck of course with a matching cardigan strategically placed over the top. Nothing tempting and definitely nothing that would be on a list of things you HAVE to buy. Now I could of got this completely wrong here, but after seeing the Phillip Lim Pre-Fall 2013 collection the one outfit that jumped out to me was the beigey/nudey (everyone one has their own word for this colour) jumper with the cardigan over the top. I know one reason why, its that material (well from the image it looks like it could be, I may be wrong) I am growing a strong obsession with (yes please inform me of the correct name) for now I'll call it scuba? You know the thick stuff that is as stiff as a board and has a thick texture, almost spongy? I have one top made of this from Zara and its true what they say it has the ability to keep you warm in the cold and cooler in the heat, so for once I've bought into practicality also. So back to the twin set, I have never been one to wear bright, garish colours, sticking to black all week and if I feel like pushing the boundaries it could drift to navy, grey, white all being the usual suspects of a confident moment. As well as confining the colours in my wardrobe the actual clothes themselves are nothing very different from the standard staple pieces seen in everyone's wardrobe, so a beige twin-set would fit perfectly into that outrageous wardrobe of mine. Another thing that I like about this pairing is that they're matching colours, I remember my nan always had a set on and when it was my mum in charge of buying them as a present they would always be matching in colour. I believe in if your taking things from years past bring them back in all their glory don't mess with something that was so classic they are popping up now in 2013. So on that note I would love a pair similar to Phillip Lim (just not the price) and I know I sound like a hypocrite but I'll take it for everything it is but I'll just call it a jumper and a cardigan thank you.

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  1. I think twinsets are very pretty and classy, would love to see more women wear them


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