Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Perfect Shirt.

'EQUIPMENT: THE NEXT GENERATION. In 1975, when women's fashion was flourishing but remaining cautious in the ready-to-wear industry, Christian Restoin introduced mens shirts into women's wardrobes, transforming a men's classic into a glamourous item of women's clothing with the launch oh his brand Equipment. Straight forward yet innovative, Equipment characterized by its refined tailoring and timeless appeal, it became a recognized name amongst the fashion elite. Christian drew his inspiration from american films of the 50's, from stars such as Katherine Hepburn,the menswear inspired shirts became a worldwide success, what I like about the brand is that it aims to maintain the quality and simplicity, he specialized in shirts and nothing but shirts. Although Restoin moved on to pursue another phase of his career, today Serge Azria, who also owns fashion lines Joie and Current/Elliott is re-launching the brand. This is following in the footsteps of Restoin in terms of classic, minimalistic and sophistication. This approach I feel pays homage to the legacy of the brand while also maintaining the perfect balance of cool, understated elegance. After reading the story behind the brand, Lilly Donaldson in the campaign captures everything about the brand, represented perfectly.
And here is some inspiration from Equipment's tumblr...

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