Friday, 17 August 2012

Love Aesthetics.

As I have stated previously when it comes to styles I like I literally jump from one extreme to the other, as seen you are about to witness yet again-previous to this post I have shared photos of Spell's wedding a whole flurry of bohemian details, wild hair, wild flowers, nothing sitting perfectly which I considered most beautiful, and one day later here I am writing a post about a blog I came across, Love Aesthetics, which is polar opposite. I appreciate the simplistic approach, the perfection of the DIY features as well as the eye catching photography and not to mention the well structured writing that adds to each post, overall a thoroughly enjoyable blog to read through. Although information is quite limited about the creator behind the blog there is a small snippet of information to take into account. Ivania Carpio, 23 years old, lives in the Netherlands and studies journalism, and here are some images from here blog......well worth a visit. Http://

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