Thursday, 30 August 2012

Perfectly Delicate.

Delicate is beautiful. I love small details, so small but so noticeable that even the most unattentive people notice. The material is irrelevant, although some are delicate enough alone, like lace and crochet for example. As with most feminine things as I've said before I find they look even more beautiful paired with something so oppositely masculine that it emphasises the contrast between the two. And, I have a new one, its gone from imagine that with jean shorts or a white shirt to now imagine that with old, worn jeans, which I think these tops look nicest with. I think I am literally attracted to polar opposites in pretty much most subjects from the weather, being cosy and warm by the fire to being free and happy on a beach, from jeans, skinny jeans with big jumpers and T-shirts to baggy worn jeans with fitted shirts and thin delicate tops, I could carry on all day, it must just be in me to take a liking to the extremes. Even on this subject of delicate tops I appreciate both ends of the spectrum to plain tops with small tiny details to over embellished tops that couldn't fit another sequin on them. I'm not into over the top dressing, hair being neat or perfectly placed accessories I prefer everything being imperfect, messy hair, clothes in no particular order, a mass of jewellery and an odd bag. Tops such as these are exactly how I envision my perfect outfits when I am thinking of something to wear, usually being things that I don't own, with just an old pair of jeans and just sandals. Zara:
Wished I knew where this was from...
A vintage top I found with no more room for one more sequin!

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