Thursday, 2 August 2012

Shourouk Rhaiem

I think I can honestly say I have found the most perfect necklaces I have ever come across in my life, this may sound like a slight exaggeration to many but I cant even begin to explain how happy I was when I finally tracked down where that 'bird' necklace came from and who the creator was behind such a beautiful piece. Without a doubt I have never ahhh'ed at a website quite as much as I did whilst looking through Shourouk. It all began when I spotted the bird necklace on many blogs, the picture was always referenced to another blog so I was never able to actually find out who it was made by, today I was picking random pages on 'They All Hate Us', one of my favourite blogs-always a great source of inspiration, and yes I'll say it one more time I came across the bird necklace, however this time I got nearer to the source, a website called Charm and Chain, I found my necklace and below was the name 'Shourouk' all I can describe the necklaces are as beautiful treasures that make you smile just by looking at them let alone having one of them round your neck!
So about the designer, Shourouk established her eponym company in 2007. A true Parisian of Tunisian descent, Shourouk graduated at Studio Bercot before honing her techniques within prestigious fashion houses such as Chloe, Galiano or Roberto Cavalli. I believe Swarovski crystals can take on so many different forms I would usually see myself as a fan they can go from some what tacky all the way up to the designs Shourouk has created, such beautiful, special pieces. The crystals are the main composant of her designs, she combines then with PVC or climbing rope to create playfull contemporary pieces, shaking up the code of Classical Joaillerie by introducing enamelled neon stones into intricate embroideries. With her own technique of coloration she is designing every season a unique colour palet. As a fashion traveller, her capacity to mash-up contrasting inspirations like the Bollywood movies, with the 80's or the Russian aristocracy makes her one of the most exciting designer of Hig fashion Jewellery. Not surprisingly Shourouk is often approached to work on collaborations, designers like Jean Paul Gaultier or Hiroko Koshino and brands such as Shanghai-Tang and Swarovski. And I think you will be able to see why I was so excited about my discovery.....

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