Saturday, 28 July 2012

Low Luv

If you were to sum up fashion as such for me Erin Wasson plus jewellery probably make up what I love about it all, her whole style, her look and taste stand for the sort of clothes I love, the sort of editorials and lookbooks that I go mad over and the designers whose collections I appreciate the most. As for jewellery I can appreciate this in many forms not necessarily what I would wear personally but that is what I like about jewellery the differences in choice for each individual, from bold stand out pieces to fine delicate creations, for me Low Luv is actually a bit more rocky/grungy punky even for what I would wear but I appreciate the quirkiness of the creations, I love the amount of detail included and the fact that they are not bulky and solid rather hollow and cut out with attachments that are able to move freely such as the loose hangings on the bracelets. This new lookbook emphasises the way I see the designs even more so by the styling of the shoot not just of the clothes but also Erin's hair and make up, it amazes me still that she is just able to make any look her own it never looks as though she is adapting a new look rather she makes it her own look, just 'Erin' this maybe due to having some sort of her personal style permanently on her in the form of tattoos its the only reason I can think of other than she just has a magical ability to turn literally anything into her own.

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