Monday, 16 July 2012

Prayer Beads.

In my opinion Elle Mcphearson is one of the most beautiful women in the world, whenever I see a photo of her me and my friends will always send it to each other. One thing in particular which I love about her, is her on the beach. If I could have anyone's jewelery on their wrist and around their neck it would be hers. Lately I've noticed that she wears several prayer beads, I recently bought these in bali I liked them as they were a traditional part of the Balinese culture even though I would be wearing these as more of a fashion term I like things that have a meaning.... Prayer beads are used by members of various religious traditions such as Roman Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism to count the repetitions of prayers, chants or devotions, such as the rosary of Virgin Mary in Christianity. Beads are among the earliest human ornaments, over the centuries various cultures have made beads from a variety of materials from stone and shells to clay, dating back to 10,000 BC. The English word bead derives from the Old English noun bede which means a prayer, the exact origin of prayer beads remain uncertain but the earliest use probably traces to Hindu prayers in India.


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