Saturday, 4 August 2012

Novella Royale.

Visiting the Novella Royale website, the first thing that jumped out to me was the flares it automatically represents, as small brand, something along the lines of a hippy/boho brand and looking through the collections it is not just a theme of a collection rather it almost forms the whole look of the designer as opposed to having a complete contrast in other collections. I think smaller brands like this can keep up a certain niche look easier than more established designers. Although saying this well known designers for example Chanel, Stella McCartney etcetera have established a look that can be in the form of various different collections but the identification of the designer is still there in some way, this could be through for example simplicity and perfection at Stella McCartney and Celine or the use of certain materials, the use of classic tweed at Chanel, I see this as such an achievement for a designer to be able to tell who the designer is by looking at the garments and by use of certain typical characteristics in the design rather then the use of a logo or the name stated on the clothing itself. In the words of Mary, the designer behind Novella Royale, describes in her biography on her webiste, Novella Royale is the culmination of two things; a considerate design ideology and the raw vision of its founder/designer Mary Myers. Mary is a salt of the earth, third generation seamstress who cut her teeth designing accessories for larger fashion manufacturers. While grateful for the opportunities presented to her, she could not ignore the nagging desire to take charge of her own destiny. She decided to couple her 'reduce, re-use, recycle' design philosophy with her fate and took the plunge, jumping headlong into the creation of her own brand which which she named after her daughter Novella Royale. As always I enjoy a successful ending, four years later Mary is at the helm of an emerging brand with a positive trajectory. The daily trials and tribulations of running her own business are shared with the absolute exhilaration of it, knowing that life is more about the journey than the destination.

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