Monday, 13 August 2012

Depends What Day It Is.

Literally as soon as I look on a new blog I know whether I am going to like the same sort of things as the creator behind it, that's not to say I wont read a blog because I don't like the same things as someone else, I read different ones for different reasons, some are for the latest news happening in the fashion world, some I know I can rely on to supply me with the latest look books, editorials and a selection of images from the catwalk shows, some are just because I genuinely interested in what they are getting up to in their lives and some because they are full of inspirational images that I could spend hours looking through. At one stage my blog went through a stage of just picking out a selection of these and naming the blog I found them from, it became a sort of obsession! To not only see them for myself but also share them with everyone else. I don't remember Coco Chanel's quote exactly but it was something along the lines of style not just being to do with fashion but instead the whole way we live our lives, I interpret this in many ways I don't just like seeing the clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery aspect of fashion, I love pictures of interiors, food, little odd things that I think look beautiful, flowers wrapped in newspaper, little bits and bobs placed together like sometimes I find on the Sass and Bide blog, the list is endless that's why I think I never get bored of looking through a visual on that note here's another one I

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