Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Man's Coat.

So I discussed summer clothes when it was freezing out side just to get me through the winter, so now I'm looking for a winter coat because I'm fed up with what England calls summer. Personally I like the big, mannish coats, baggy with sloping shoulders, there is one in Topshop Boutique that looks pretty perfect to me. I'm not one to religiously follow any trends directly from the catwalk but I suppose it all filters its way down and influences what you buy as the shops I would most likely buy my coat from are imitating these trends in their own forms (I'm halfway through my September issue of Vogue and the whole oversized coats have been mentioned regularly) Not being girly girls me and my friends have heard all the jokes about us dressing like men! In my opinion oversized on a girl is perfect in proportions a big jacket or blazer with skinny trousers or jeans, and like I mentioned in my previous post, skirts or shorts with big jumpers, it defiantly balances out anything remotely feminine. I find Topshop boutique perfect in many ways, the colour palette is generally neutral with the odd splash of bright bold colours, always very simplistic and good quality material-they seem to use a lot of silk, usually in the form of silk dresses, slouchy t-shirts, loose tailoring and textured knits. Also the fit and the cut of the clothes seem to always be on the bigger side of the fit perfectly guide. 'Designed to create the ultimate capsule wardrobe, Boutique is the insiders first stop for directional pieces and premium essentials. These are separates to fall in love with, mix in your very own way and wear for years to come.' Topshop Boutique-Oversize mans blazer in khaki wool cashmere:
Zara-Oversize blazer:
Also from the Topshop Boutique collection: Cord dresses in navy and grey:
And an example of the plain silk t-shirt dresses:


  1. I love oversized, boxy pieces too, so when I saw these garments I nearly died. That first coat and your blazer = amazing!

    L U A R



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