Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sara Betran-Dezso.

September issues, it was only in the last few years and ok maybe after the 'September issue' film was I in the know that this month's issue reigns supreme, I suppose this could have been determined by the sheer size of all the monthly fashion magazines, apparently Vogue's September issue 2007 which the film was based around weighed a staggering five pounds?! I suppose since I've just been reading magazines oblivious to the characteristics of each month's copy, when it comes to an extra thick issue I counted myself lucky that I have more to read and getting more for my money! Now of course its the one I get excited about, it signals the changing of the season and I suppose the time when we are officially allowed to give up hope on England's summer trading in our sandals for boots, summer clothes are a thing of the past and it gets you thinking what to buy for the winter....However having said that whilst I was reading Elle, I spotted a jewellery designer I had not heard of before, Dezso and I know I have to give up hope on the summer her collection includes all things beachy reminding us of the summer even when the cold starts to kick in. The stylist turned designer Sara Beltran started her fashion career in New York as a stylist, after twelve years of living in New York the artist now calls Jaipur her home. Her childhood romance with beach life and seashells always lingered in the back of her mind and used to just make shell necklaces handmade for fun. Then the launch of her line Dezso was created, Latin for 'desire' her love for the ocean continues to emerge in her latest creations, she travels to different beaches around the world for constant inspiration and alot of her pieces are shells that she picks up from the sea and then makes a mold then cats them in 18k gold. Beltran also loves using raw materials such as polki diamonds, kyanites stones, fossilized shark teeth and shells, being in Jaopur she has discovered a whole new world in stones....

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