Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Battle Of The Brogues.

For a while now the appearance of flat shoes worn as a means of 'dressing up' is becoming a much more favourable choice. Going out no longer requires high shoes, making dressier outfits have a completely different look to them, one that I much prefer, with out a doubt Alexa Chung would be up there in pulling of this look for any occasion.

I think the whole brogue look started this off, 'everything will come back into fashion one day' and the brogue is an example of this, well to a certain extent, I think its more taking an item and changing the way its worn, a smart shoe such as the classic brogue would always be seen in an office, accompanying a suit to any occasion, this however is also a change in who is wearing them, referring to brogue being popular with both boys and girls. In Luella's book, I love how she refers to to 'Miss England' she describes it perfectly, for example imagine a typical European couple going out, the lady wearing high shoes the boy in smart shoes would be expected, but Miss England style would make no difference to her both wearing brogues, or take for example just in the day both wearing converse...get my drift? Androgyny I believe is the correct word.

Androgyny is a term—derived from the Greek words άνδρoς (andros, meaning man) and γυνή (gyné, meaning woman)—referring to the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. This may be as in fashion, sexual identity, or sexual lifestyle, or it may refer to biologically inter-sexed physicality, especially with regards to plant and human sexuality.[1]

'In this century we can see it all over fashion and celebrities on it, the androgyny. Models turn into the angrognous style, consequence of being part of a youthful time, where there's no limits, and the only thing that matters is comfort.'

'Clothes are getting more and more borderless, for example unisex collection's, women's wear always takes ideas from men's wear' I think this has always been a case for girls, who have that sort of style, boy's t-shirts/vest's/jeans, even the representation of men's clothing catered specially for women with something so classic as the simple trouser.

Ok, so before i go of the point I'll get back to what triggered these thought's, Mui Mui's SS/11 shoes, more specifically the woven leather brogue. And of course this is an example of the above, inspired by a traditional men's shoes we now see a vast number of female interpretations of this, mixing both the male characteristics of the shoe with female touches, such as the colour/style. Although I like the classic brogue uninfluenced by any other trends I do like how it has been altered and transformed in many variations, in particular the Mui Mui woven leather brogue. A simple shoe that can be worn with anything, an inoffensive colour with an original effect of the woven leather.

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