Thursday, 21 July 2011

Mr Pedro Garcia

I often find myself wandering around TK Maxx with my mum at lunch, it takes a huge dose of patience coupled with a lack of not dithering around making decisions whether items are nice or not and genuinely searching through alot of daren't I say it 'junk' to find those pieces you love forever and the bonus of anyone having the same thing as you, well a much similar chance. Is it only me or when you are in shops such as TK Maxx you justify plenty more prices with the thought of...but originally it was £799 and I'm only paying £199? Or maybe that's just my guilty conscious desperately fighting my barely there sensible side, no guesses as to who wins.

The other day I was looking through the shoe section, this consists of size 5, 6 and 7 just to open myself up to more options, (size 6 my real size, size 5 if i need to squeeze in and size 7 for a little bit of extra room) however, size 4 is out of bounds and this just so happen to be the shoes I NEED, Pedro Garcia. To be honest I have never heard of the label before, and it wasnt until I started picking up shoes throughout the coming weeks that the Spanish label neatly embossed in gold on the insole of each of these perfect pairs of shoes that it was clear, I must have a liking to all they produce.

It wasn't until I typed the name into Google that infact I hadn't found a hidden label from the debts of Alicante I had infact been hit with the realisation that these were sitting happily stocked on net-a-porter and I love that all the shoes I have seen have that distinctive European look to them, a look that I feel they are naturally born with, no teaching required.

'Modern, luxurious, strange and yet somehow inviting. That's the feeling you get when you step into the first ever Pedro Garcia store in Madrid.' From pictures, it is one of those discreet boutique Shoe shops that you know ill have good quality, with maybe a quirkier side to them, similar to F Troupe behind Canarby Street in London, or Kate Kanzier on Leather Lane that also posses that striking black facade. It seems the brand reflects Mr Pedro Garcia himself perfectly, the interior reviews and updates and classical references, combining repetition of industrial elements with use of noble materials mixed with constructions components.

It's simple for a European brand to even make themselves sound so 'beautiful?' 'Zapateros. that's pretty much how the folks at Pedro Garcia define themselves. Shoemakers, in the most traditional sense of the term... and the most avant-garde sense of the term.' This is now the third generation of a family devoted to footwear, it began with grandad Garcia, the first Pedro who founded the business in 1952, by 1968 the brand was being exported to to the worlds premiere markets, appearing in Vogue and Harper's and Bazaar and being sold at Henri Bendel, Bergdorf Goodman and Russell & Bromely.

(Not typicaly what you would associate with European footwear but I'm a fan of the glitter both on sandles and boots.)

The discovery in TK Maxx:

Garcia designs are 'experimental luxury' that distinguishing and unmistakable JNSQ is evident in certain models and in the use of particular finishes and materials. Fact: 89 people take part in the process, from the moment a pair of Pedro Garcia shoes is conceived until it reaches the consumers feet. Now that is special.


  1. the tj maxx ones you found are so cute! lucky for the person who happens to have those initials... the glitter boots are kinda like the giuseppe zanotti one's- got my copy at topshop the other day. how much are this designer's?


  2. I know I loved them so annoying they only had a size 4! Couldnt squeeze my foot into them! Yes I no sort of, I think this shape is more casual? they are $395 they sell them on net-a-porter. I saw the ones from Topshop on your blog, I love them! No wonder they sold out so quickly xx

  3. Oh, those shoes are gorgeous! My favorite is the second pair. The colors are so perfect, and the shape is unique. Those glittery black ankle boots are adorable as well!



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