Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sheer by Simone

As big as the Style Bubble is there is no denying the talent behind the writing Miss Susie Bubble herself, ok fair enough there are alot of blogs I enjoy, however most of this enjoyment is based on liking the images posted and although I appreciate that ALOT and spend hours of my time looking through all the new posts they have posted, nothing beats reading through one of Susie's post purely due to the way she writes, opinions she includes and just the overall details it consists of. This is a complete talent, however maybe it is due some part to the blog and all the other things she must have to squeeze into her diary being her full time job, that would be UNREAL, but yes quite rightly so many of the 1000's of bloggers out there could launch into it and give it a go full time and not be as successful as Susie so of course the rest of the 'part' is nothing to do with time at all but having the sheer talent and ability to express herself as she does. Anyway, completely rambling on about Susie this post is actually related to a designer on her blog (so there's the justification of my rant) Simone Rocha.

Maybe I get more enjoyment looking at these catwalk photos of collections and information about the designers themselves due to not being in the fashion world bubble, not having the oppertunity to actually sit and watch a show first hand AND have the knowledge abuot all these different designers, but oh well its not my job its just my interest, soooo Simone Rocha....of course its begins with graduating from Central Saint Martins, seriously I will never get over what goes on here? This led onto her showing her S/S and A/W collections on schedule with Fashion East, this is also something that always seems to pop up and something which a delved into when I interpreted Louise Gray's beginnings. This also seems to lead on to the golden path, Simone was then picked as one of the Martins Ma graduates to have one of designs stocked in Topshop, by Selfridges 'Bright Young Things' projects which gave her a window at the front of the store to house her collection. This September Simone will launch a 6 peice capsule collection for Topshop, have n archive peice re-issued as part of Lulu Kennedy's Lulu&Co range and present her S/S12 collection in her own show during LFW...JEEEEEZZZ.

Following in the words of Susie, this is not a simple case of like father like daughter, refering to John Rocha, and of course like any Dad would do for their daughter her collection is sitting proud in the John Rocha's Dover Street Store, something that I need to go and see, seeing the collection in photos is simply not enough I need to touch that fur!

I know exactly what attracted me to this collection, the use of sheer, sharp neat tailoring, mixture of textures, i.e the sheer over thick knit and the use of my perfect colour palette, flesh colour sheer, black and cream, although I can equally appreciate the flashes of red gingham. I love the whole structured, precise look of collars, with shirts buttoned up to the top perfect straight edges and to have all that in sheer totally gives it that ultra feminine delicate look. The mixture of textures seems so right, the fur arms on a blazer, the sheer material over thick knit is so perfect to me.....and yes it may not be fashion talk but thats me describing what I love about a 'collection.'

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