Friday, 23 September 2011

Runway To Real Life

My friend Sarah has sent me so many nice blogs lately, I literally click on the blog from her daily email and spend the entire day looking back through all the old posts, if you like the first one and the overall look of it I know I'll like all the rest and I find so many nice things that I can then go and find and research on my own. The research and discovering the name I've found is the time consuming aspect, this has led me to going back to my obsession with LISTS. The quick bit is seeing so many images I love and just the simple...Save As, pictures that don't need to whole ramble alongside them.

This morning I was met with... the usual pattern happened I absolutely loved the first post and it was something I hadn't seen before, there are so many blogs that I love and probably are very similar in taste therefore I see similar things being picked up which of course I will like, but after seeing it for the third, forth time it doesn't initiate that first burst of excitement. Here however I came across Assad Mounser the jewellery she designs. The designer behind these beautiful peices has worked in the fashion industry in New York for the last five years, and just recently lanuched her own line, 'with a rock and roll bohemian aesthetic' Assad Mounser has received editorial credits in all the major publications, W magazine, Vogue, Numero, Elle and the list goes on.

She now lives in Brooklyn with her photographer husband...and I guess spending her time making her peices. PERFECT.

And I've only got to the second post, one titled Repunzel.....someone else that has a love for that long, wild hair, the subject of my first ever post...I think this will be another one I'm following.

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