Sunday, 2 September 2012


I found this jumper on the Afterdrk blog, the jumper was featured on Elin Kling's blog with the link to where it was purchased, Hope. A Swedish label created and run by the designers Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Soderberg, the first women collection was launched in Autumn 2002. The first brand shop opened in Stockholm, Sweden in 2006, followed by six more Hope shops. The Hope collection is also sold by over 200 exclusive retailers and 15 markets. It begun as a creative discussion between two friends Ann and Stefan who both are passionate and extremely interested in well-made utility wear. 'We began be redesigning vintage uniforms and traditional Mens jackets into womens wear using unexpected fabrics. After presenting a small test collection in autumn of 2001 we got the positive response necessary to launch Hope to the market in 2002.'

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