Wednesday, 29 December 2010

J'aime Mon Carre

Hermes fashion house was established in 1837, I feel it would be unnecessary to reel of paragraphs of praise for the luxury brand, the fact that we are near to 2011 and it is still one of the most wanted brands across a vast audience. And it seems that the famous Duc carriage and horse will be lingering in a whole new branch of wardrobes owned by the new, trendy, fashion-forward younger audience and have taken the initiative to demonstrate the vision for us in their new street style website 'J'aime Mon Carre' showing the masses how the 'cool' girls wear their Hermes Scarf. The label recruited British Photographer Matt Irwin snd stylist Francesca Burns to create the project which showcases images of girls all around the world wearing their scarf.

The idea of wearing a scarf appeals to me greatly for several reasons, the main one being the fact that although there may be current trends, maybe more so in the younger generation, on the way it is worn. It is almost certain that it will never be 'out' of fashion. One of Hermes most recognised products today are their signature scarves, purchasing one is a justified investment when you begin to research the amount of craftsmanship that goes into producing them every year, woven from the silk of 250 mulberry moth cocoons, hand printed using multiple silk screens, and the hems are all hand stitched and aside from the most beautiful texture and design the scarves have another unique trait that is unprecedented; that its scarves are made with a scent. And finally the proof of our love for them...during the Holiday season in its Paris boutiques, on average, one scarf is sold every 20 seconds.

J'aime mon carre, I Love My Scarf, and who could argue that Hermes is not at the top position for the most beautiful silk scarfs created, not me. Hopefully my passion and absolute love for Wild, Thick Hair is now quite clear from reading my previous post, there are very few contenders that can stand in the way of not letting these beautiful tresses just hang beautifully without interfering with tying it up or any other kind of styles out there, the messy plait may just sometimes be an exception, or random plaits discreetly hidden, but a bright silk scarf tied in numerous ways has my full permission to get involved.

I love how these beautiful pieces of silk can be tied in various different ways, conveying a completely different look from just the positioning of the scarf, the way it is tied, the length or the colours chosen. and who can call it a measly fashion trend when it ranges from these beautiful girls in all the major cities to Queen Elizabeth choosing to wear one for her portrait a British Postage stamp in the 1950's.

My favourite version of the way a scarf is worn comes back round to my 'look' which I am still not getting better at explaining, and pathetically rely on images to speak for me. Worn with anything or anywhere, on the beach, out in the cold shopping, shouting INDIVIDUALISM! from each girls head as it is completely down to you how the scarf is tied...What is your favourite version of the scarves?

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