Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Who? What? Why?!

This blog, which I am strangely proud to expose, is not based on expert insider knowledge, innovative ideas or stlyes nor the latest happenings in the Fashion World, instead this is inspired by uninfluenced personal thoughts and opinions expressed through both writing and chosen images.

It would be a fair judgement to catergorize me as an outsider in most, if not all, elements that contribute in making a successful blog. A photographer, or journalist, people working within the Fashion World and such would be able to make justified criticisms, however, I've hopefully avoided that by emphasising this is merely written about fashion and such things from my own taste and personal views.

My short lived perception of the blogging world suggests that it is not competitive, extremly diverse, highly opinionated, exceptionally inspirational and a general mass of evidence that represents support, encouragement and compliments for fellow bloggers and their outlets they have created.

And why not be part of something you love?....I asked myself.

Live the Life You Imagined....

Some of the blogs that inspired me to create one of my own...Thank you

And the book that handily collated many inspirational blogs together for a great read..


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