Friday, 31 December 2010

Tom Ford Geek...Really?

Thomas Carlyle, or Tom Ford as he is known as, has achieved so much, not just a designer who turned Gucci around, and a film director, but some what of a phenomenon, it seems everything he touches turns to gold under his own label, Tom Ford. How could you possibly be at the top of so many products? Well its possible, there are currently 16 private blends and 5 signature fragrances of which Black Orchid has gained international fame, his alliance with Estee Lauder to create the Tom Ford beauty brand and his partnership with Marcolin Group to produce and distribute optical frames and sunglasses, is there any stopping this shooting star? I hope not. People who think things are not possible need to take time out and research how these superstars started, I wonder if Mr Ford worried when he dropped out of NYU only after a year, or when he was sat in Chloe's press office in Paris sending clothes out to photo shoots. There cant possibly be any more incentive to keep going and carrying on than just looking at where the highly succesfull designer now stands.

Tom Ford eyewear was introduced in 2005 and the collection as it now stands is highly respected, proving an immediate hit and already has a faithful following gracing some of the most famous faces around. When I say eyewear I'm referering to optical frames as opposed to his equally succesful sunglasses range. Im unfortunate, or fortunate enough as I can now wear these frames!, to have quite bad eyesight, I could try and claim that these are not a mere fashion accesory but are absolutly a neccesity for my everyday life in order to be able to see, but that would be a lie, there are 100's of styles I could choose from, but I am set on picking this frame as a sure way of buying into the brand! (Im definatly in Luella's Stage Four-Proper Job-'embracing the world of designer purchases.')

Firstly I would like to say, and maybe this is slightly unjustified, that I am well aware that different people buy into different trends, either through sheer love of the products, or fulfilling their job as a dedicated fashion follower, but one of these in particular really got to me? Wearing clear lense glasses without actually having the need to wear them as a means of correcting their vision. I dont need to ask why, I know the answer...they look good/cool/fashionable. Maybe, possibly, sneekily, I'm just saying that as I am in a position of NEEDING them, grants me special permission? Well in a way yes, but I equally understand that the wearing of glasses is no more a punishment (didnt see you all copying us when we was in our unfortunate four-eye'd school years!) as opposed to now, where we are in the position where the likes of Tom Ford are offering us the most beautiful frames to be seen in.

Now, the actual frame itself, perfectly sized not to big, on the border of looking like a fashion accesory, as they do have to do their job, and not too small tiny framed, looking like and old fashioned secretary, whose really trying to make there glasses a nice asset? It cant be denied that the fashion movement towards geeky chic, and the new focus on frames, the bigger frames, has clearly influenced my choice in new glasses, I cant play down that I secretly think my new glasses will make me part of the 'cool' gang AND I have my one up on them that I actually need to wear them? Definatly no longer a chore, I can cope with wearing them...if I have to.

Oh, and just demonstrating that my new chosen frame looks just as nice on men aswell ;-)


  1. obsessed with his glasses! the cateyes are on my wishlist... happy new year xo

  2. Yes I no his fames are so nice! I love my news one, a tad sensible compared to the cateyes! but they will look amazing! x


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