Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Oi Repunzal, Repunzal, Let Down Your Hair To Me....

Once upon a time....actually to be honest Repunzal has quite a dark story which I only recently discovered, initially all I pictured of the story was a beautiful young girl letting down her beautiful long hair so the King's son could climb up and reach her in the tower and live happily ever after. I was taken a back with the enchantress taking a womans baby, locking her in a tower with no stairs nor door, the angry outburst at the King's son, 'you would fetch your dearest, but the beautiful bird sits no longer singing in the nest; the cat has got it and will scratch out your eyes aswell.' and if thats not bad enough, I definatly wasnt prepared for the Ultimate Punishment...'In her anger she clutched Repunzal's beautiful tresses, wrapped them twice round her left hand, seized a pair of sissors with the right, and snip, snap, they were cut off and the lovely braids lay on the ground.' Im speechless, the thought of all that beautiful hair being cut off, unimaginable

OK I know its all a bit dramatic, but it just ever so slightly emphasises my absolute love for Long, Wild, Thick Hair...Them three adjectives, describe my perfect head of hair, it makes any outfit look beautiful, a bikini look out of this world, a pretty dress look even more beautiful, jeans and a tshirt look perfect, in my view it perfects every look you could possibly try, and give it that 'so beautiful' 'effortless,' 'so feminine'...absolutly flawless [of which it is not] image to others, or maybe just to me. The proposal, I admit, of girls with long hair and boys with short goes way back, supposedly the first woman and man on earth Adam and Eve may be accused of creating the whole imagery. However, like with most things linked to fashion, trends change at such a rapid pace that there are few things that remain the same over the years. Although, as with anthing there are the latest haircuts Alexa's pixie bob, Agyneses bleach blond extra short cut , Alice's half shaved head, the list goes on. It's not as versatile or easily to switch naturally and play about with unlike buying a new jumper, and in a peculiar way your choice of hair gives a judgemental image of what you like, your style, what sort of person you are, what music your into, it can change a whole image, it has the ability to make you look edgy, high fashion, cool? And even if unintentionally it creates a first impression from people, fashion concious or not, a correct prediction or totally untrue.

I'm well aware, like with clothes, shoes, make-up its all down to personal taste, for me its easier to project my vision of beautiful hair in pictures as opposed to attemting to portray it through words. It also seems that, the hair I love, goes hand in hand with a ceratin style of girl. Im afarid to say it but the images that I 'oooo' and 'ahhhh' over are predominatly a smoking, messy looking, casual clothing, cool attitude, sort of looking girls. Poor description I suppose, so thankfully the images back me up where my words cannot. They also coincide with ceratin magazines and editorials, but that is not limited as this look can be recreated anywhere, on any sort of girl. A few months back Abbey Clancy, infamously known under the title of Wags, was transformed into this sort of look that I am trying to relay here. This image, personaly, shows that it can give a person a completly different look that although I class it is a general 'look' is individual and not obvioulsy following a fashion trend, instead making things your own, putting your own stamp on things, not having to be perfect and spend hours perfecting anything. the more flawless and messier that accidentally happens, the more beautiful it looks, effortless for anyone. Maybe its an English girl thing? As Luella Bartley states that 'In fact hair is one of the most telling signs of true English style and the brush its worst enemy-as proven by stalwart bed-head Kate Moss.'

A fan myself of browsing through magazines, reading blogs and other material on the internet, there is a strong sense of satisfaction when reading an individuals writing, whatever the medium, and completly understanding their vision, even if its not necessarily your own taste, its still a pleasure to feel open and acceptng of other peoples views, and to fully agree with what they are saying as well as experiencing some sort of relief that your not the only one with these thoughts and passions. As an outsider to the fashion world I can fully appreciate all sorts of styles and designs and can be completly absorbing and un-judgemental due to my lack of expert knowledge. However, what I do have, is my own visions and taste, and coming back to the subject, hair...the longer, the messier, 'That' overall look...you cant beat it.


  1. Is that you in your pictures?
    And in your blog you seem to know what to write about to catch people intrest, good look with the blog!

  2. Thank you so much! I hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog!

  3. I will, is that you in your pictures? I like them!

  4. No I havent posted any personal photos yet, but I will be shortly!

  5. Hi!beautiful photos and in general your blog is great....the only thing that bothers me is the the color and size of the letters!they are definitely giving me a hard time.

  6. Thank you! Hope you like the new look and its easier to read! I've made the letters bigger and I think its clearer on a pure white background?

  7. heyy just found your blog...it´s great ...soooo much good informacion...and such amazing pictures...love it...definatley stay tuned to your blog...but can´t find the folow button..????
    stop by my blog sometimes...

  8. Thank you so much! I did do a post after this one where you can follow, ill add one to the side as well now. x


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