Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Alexander Wang to Balenciaga.

As no expert on who is appointed as who behind the designer labels (with some exceptions after reading about them) but when I received my email from Fashion Monitor (its a pr website which if you pay for must supply you with much more information and events but I've obviously just stuck to receiving my daily emails) and saw the words Balenciaga and Alexander Wang I felt as though I knew exactly who was being discussed here I find it intriguing how an established designer remains with their own brand and takes on a role as creative director for another. I just imagine it as me personally, I like what I like and if I had my own clothing label it would represent and incorporate everything that I liked in clothes, how then do you design for a completely different label that cant copy cat what you are producing for your own label? I suppose it all comes down and is much more in depth and talented than just that, it is taking on the house and continuing that brand under your name but remaining true to its own traits (or totally turning around and changing the whole direction, but that is something I don't agree with) so for the first time (and people who recognise the designers in name with the labels will be used to) I am genuinely curious about what is to become of this and what direction this will follow...and for a more informative explanation.

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