Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Lions and Jewels.

Originally I decided that for each necklace I made I would consciously note down all sources of inspiration, now when I made this piece I completed it first and then as a second thought, thought about what had inspired me. Lions prominently. Lions were one of the many inspirations for Coco Chanel as I wrote about here,
for me its the rich powerful connotations associated with lions, then that mixed with a the rocky, messy haired beautiful girl I envision wearing it with 'the white shirt and old jeans' the inclusion of gold and silver, jewelled and plain matt golden squares. It comes back to my thoughts on alot of things in terms of fashion in general I dont like too much of one thing there needs to be a balance both as a whole (jeans and  a jumper but with high shoes) and scaled down to a certain piece like this necklace with the mixture of comparisons I just mentioned.


  1. This is such a gorgeous piece! I love a statement necklace, I'm really enjoying the Baroque trend of AW 12. Nice to have an excuse for a little gilded excess!

  2. Amazing rich jewelry, love a statement necklace every now and then.


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