Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Message In A Bottle.

My love for special little thoughtful things must definitely come from my mum. At home this morning she gave me a box which had a glass bottle inside with one scroll inside the bottle, she wasnt meant to give it to me it was meant for new years eve night and completed it will have three little messages from all of them my mum dad and brother. I dont think anything can beat thoughtful things with such little cost. Now a message in a bottle has years of history essentially a form of communication whereby a message is sealed in a container by any medium so long as it floats and remains waterproof and released into the sea, even that alone makes it a special thing, that the reader of the message is unknown and delivered by sheer fate from the vast ocean. The first messages were found so long ago, 310 BC by an ancient greek, now it might have reached unecessary detail now and becoming boring but I read on...Christopher Columbus sent one in a storm hoping it would reach the shore if he didnt make it, the English Navy used to send them with information about enemy positions, in 2005 eighty eight shipwrecked people were rescued after they had placed a SOS message in a bottle and the longest record for a floating message was 92 years 229 days at sea. OK I'm stopping.

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