Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Classic Gucci.

I saw this advert for Gucci a few weeks ago, now it all goes back to what some people say about fashion and I have to say I completely agree (in terms of more classic trends) everything in fashion just does a huge circle at one stage the classic Gucci loafer was seen popping up in school on the kids that nagged to have the best things (I feel so sorry for Mum's and Dad's) and on the feet of every other boy with their jeans and shirts on a night out looking 'the part' in their heads and then its gets to such a hight that something has to pop and it's all brought back down to ground level and we all turn on them and leave it the 'chavvy' category. Its unbelievable how massive designer houses, Gucci, Dior, Burberry etc get swept up in this and it travels so fast amongst the crowds (the ones that wear it just because of the name) that it gets to the point that it has to do an emergency u-turn (well I suppose it serves them right for even letting logo emblazoned things be made publicly available.) But lets get back to the one thing I'm talking about the classic Gucci loafer, I don't know whether its due to me getting older and being more sensible on what I 'waste' my money on but I would much prefer now to buy something that can be categorised under the classic heading, the things that you would be proud to still own in years to come and that are so inoffensive that they can't be loved or hated regardless whether or not you are interested in fashion and totally irrelevant to whatever trends are going on at the time. The latest Forever Now theme for Gucci is the epitome of classic, a beautiful lady Charlotte Casiraghi (granddaughter of late Grace Kelly) a white shirt, tailored black trousers and the classic loafer, read more about it here.

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