Sunday, 2 December 2012

Girls Dressed As Boys.

I cant remember when I started picking up on the word it was obviously in the context of fashion but it seemed that overnight it was the new biggest trend/feature/new thing to buy into in every magazine I read...'Androgyny.' I picked up on what was meant by the word in terms of styling, basically a feminine approach to all things masculine. And for the official definition, a term derived from the Greek words one meaning man the other meaning woman, referring to the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. Ever since me and my friends started to go out we've never been those who put on a dress on a Saturday night and the highest shoes and definitely weren't the type to feel under dressed was a bad thing, we preferred it, as 'cool' as we thought we were, but it seems that like most things you grow out of dressing like a boy wasn't going to be one of ours that we got tired of. I have always liked subtle feminine aspects, for example jeans and a jumper with beautiful high shoes, a dress but with an over sized jacket on top the girly girly look just isn't in me. Its weird now that it has its own title but also nice that it can all be grouped together and maybe for all of those who looked at us amongst all the girls who went all out with their dresses, make up and even most probably even brushed their hair can now see where we were coming from. I'm not one who consciously follows trends (sub consciously maybe due to what is available in the shops) but this one isn't something I've jumped onto or even been introduced to or influenced by its something that I have taken I liking to from a young age and this was a proud liking it wasn't something that I would wear in certain places where I thought it would be acceptable we had more pleasure wearing it to places where it wasn't and knowing we would be the only ones who dressed like it. So, back to subject of where all these thoughts were triggered, Lilly Aldridge at the GQ party, just shows that you can be the most beautiful girl at the party without being dressed up to the nines (is that the saying?) loads of make up and your hair taking you hours to look just right, all you need is a shirt like a boy,your normal make up hair tied up and ok maybe it does help if you have a face as beautiful as Lilly's.

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