Thursday, 29 November 2012

Cara the Next Kate?

For an up and coming model, well I say this the girl in question is defiantly up there already, to be stated as the 'next Kate' more or less sums up that you have made it in the whole wide world of modelling. To outstretch your career from 14 years old to still be one of the most photographed models at the age of 38 Kate is still competing with the best of them and after all these years I don't believe we have had one girl in particular that could possibly knock her off her well established thrown, that is until we were faced with CARA, it just shows her presence at this stage by you knowing exactly who I'm talking about in the context of modelling by not having to mention the surname, Delvigne of course. One of the reasons I think Kate has stayed around so long is not just because of those striking looks, every model posses them, its more a whole lifestyle, even Miss Coco Chanel confessed that fashion is not something that exists in dresses has to do with the way we live, what is happening.' That's something that Kate possesses, its not just what she does when she is at work its her whole lifestyle, her social circle, the places she goes, her wedding, her relationships, the way she dresses in her own time more or less everything, and getting back to Cara this is where I think it is all steaming from, she isn't just a quiet beautiful girl getting on with her own thing working as a model. With her sister Poppy already an established model her social circle is filled with the youngest, coolest rising stars, people say she has 'limitless supply of energy and obvious excitement for the industry there is a freshness to Cara that is often a rare commodity in a model. Then there's the next big similarity to Kate, the longstanding muse to photographer Mario Testino who has photographed her for everything from Vogue to Burberry campaigns to her wedding, there's even an entire coffee table book (need to buy) devoted to all of Testino's photographs of Moss. Howevere Testino has found a new love, Cara whom reminds him of Moss. 'she's faboulous no? shes great, she is like the new Kate in a way, if you think of her personality and energy and attitude.' This was my first interview I had read with her...

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