Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Tim Walker: Story Teller.

Now I'll be completely honest obviously I have heard Tim Walker's name flying about and with such a distinctive style even my in expertise with regards to fashion photography could most probably spot his work amongst others due to his ability to create something magical in each of his images 'he has a way of marrying myth and fiction with what we already know, making for unreal visions that resemble those distorted fragments of dreams you try and hang onto after waking up.' That is the best description that puts into words what he creates visually, 'extravagant in scale and ambition instantly recognisable for their eye opening originality.' I never normally visit exhibitions but this in one I cant wait to see and experience at Somerset House, Walker's photographs provide the focus of the exhibition and reading reviews it includes some of the props used in the shoots and a screening room showing films and behind-the-scenes footage of Walker at work. Walker claims the camera 'is simply a box put between you and what you want to capture.' Yes I suppose this is literally what is it, but the 'what you want to capture' is where Walker performs as some sort of genius what sort of imagination and ideas go on inside your head to create such visually exciting images everything in his pictures is specially constructed it amazes me that even the extraordinary props he envisions have not been chosen but actually imagined. When I think of a photo shoot I picture a team, models and a chosen location Walker's shoots begin to resemble a film set, hair and make up artists, fashion stylists, costumer fitters, model makers, set designers, builders, producers and painters, prop suppliers and a cast of models playing out imagined roles, the end result being captured by Walker in a singular picture. My task for the moment is to research and uncover the influences and stories behind Tim Walker's work, no doubt I will find out even more on Saturday also, for the time being here is a bloggerwho has visited the exibition and her photos, I will update mine once I'm back.

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