Monday, 26 November 2012

A True Blog.

I don't have the most extended knowledge of the blogging world but I think I have enough to distinguish between one that is just thrown together in a way they think a blog should be with the usual outfit picture and a few words about what they are wearing and where you can buy it and then to the other end of the spectrum where one of my favourite blogs to date sits more that proud (in my view.) Camille over the rainbow  don't you just love that feeling when you read something and your nodding along totally agreeing and gaining complete enjoyment from reading each word and the websites they reference and a genuine interest in exactly where they bought every bit of their outfit cos you genuinely think they look so nice and completely your taste and finally just to make the whole experience complete by wanting to share it on your own blog and tell my friends to read it AND finally get round to making a comment and letting this talented girl know what I think of her blog (not that my opinion matters) but just to show your appreciation and recognition for making such a good blog (can I add one more 'and') AND that I can understand her every now and then French words included...c'est beau l'amour. It was actually nice to be slightly behind on all her posts as I had quite a bit to look through as opposed to anxiously waiting and reading a new post immediately, I know this is my own blog and it should just be me writing my own thing but I just wanted to share what I read on her blog, just the way she describes them just like my sort of girl but at the same time being utterly helpful and keeping up to date with exactly whats going on in that fashion world whilst at the same time being able to friendly mock those who are blinded by fashion including herself and just put it into more perspective. I admit I went through a stage of just liking (or thinking I liked) everything that I came in contact with in magazines/blogs/fashion websites/books which ended up not knowing what I ACTUALLY liked from that that I thought I should be liking. I think that's why I'm so drawn to what she writes I can relate to it and although I have my own views on things 9 times out of 10 I completly agree with her and I love how she puts them thoughts into words. Things that I liked today...shes on a unstoppable leather binge, well I've been on one of those for a while now so much so that I physically don't know what to wear on a night out if its not leather trousers. Her view on the statement 'Do we buy into fashion because we genuinely like what we see, or because a somewhat greater authority, dictator of all things cool, has told us it is essential to do so in order to fit the fashion bill?' I was nodding away when she was refering to the ultimate rush around the infamous H&M designer collaberations, 'And if fast fashion is the ethos of our age, then surely the H&M designer collabs are the archetype of fast fashion living. One minute you know quasi-nothing about the chosen one, the next, you are fighting to get your hands on a blown-up candy clutch which is twice your size.' And then her description of her relationship with Topshop...'We were on a break you see for a while seeing as it seemed to have set its sights on dressing the cool kids of East-London in 90s-infused, festival-worthy, colour-binging ready-to-wear. Which I used to swear by, but sort of grew out of when I realised I just looked like a cookie-cutter. Not that I ooze originality today (case in point: baggy leather, everyone is at it!) .. but at least I stopped looking like a 15-something teenage clone.' Just her thoughts of when she has to get dressed up is exactly what I aim to do (well try to) 'I tend not to dress up, even when I'm going out. Rather, I just add a pair of feminine pumps to an otherwise casual look.'

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