Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Since wasting my Sunday afternoon creating a post about our holiday in Bali its made me realise that a blog, or more specifically the new direction I want mine to follow, should be personal to oneself, that way people can appreciate your own individual take on things,However, having said that I can sense that it would take quite a while to turn into your typical blogger snapping every outfit you wear and interesting place you go cause to be frank I work in a investment bank a million miles away from fashion and my nights out are not to preview a new collection or launch or opening of any form and I'm not the sort of person to hunt down the latest designer piece or collaboration or merely finding an alternative to imitate a particular trend. But lets stop there, it's almost verging on the point of why on earth do I even bother updating a blog so in truth I am a someone who loves reading anything about fashion in general, I get much enjoyment out of reading my favourite blogs (my new favourite) and magazines, books, discovering people that work in all aspects of fashion, those stylists who just are born with style, french style in particular, and photographers and unreal models and following on from that the best part of it all, shopping, even if its just looking at pieces that I could never afford and trying to find their beauty in things I am able to take home with me. To be honest sometimes I really frustrate myself, my favourite blogs are so different in terms of content and style which I like as I can appreciate alot without it being my particular taste but thedownside of this is unconciously my influences of how I want my blog to look vary so significantly that I dont know which way to turn. For example, take this post sometimes I feel a lot of writing puts some readers of (not me as I have an obesession with reading everything) but then a small section of writing feels perfectly sufficient, especially this style,  then I move on to just simply images like this.

Just to top it of, I started of by saying I want this to be more personal BUT I now want to share the style of this particular blogger and her blog, at this particular second this im heading in this direction.....

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