Monday, 12 November 2012

Copy Cat Zara.

This jacket Lara is wearing (Balmain) is just out of this world (yes a jacket can be) I wouldnt even attempt to review Olivier Rousteing a/w 12 collection but when I refer to clothes being beautiful (this word almost seeming pathetic to what is is describing here) this is it in all its glory, enough is enough and this is embellishment and detail at its ultimate best. I can imagine the weight of this jacket, the way it would weigh you down and twinkle in any light but the only thing I cant imagine (the one I would dream of!) is what it feels like to be the proud owner of THE jacket. But I wont waste one more second moaning about something that is just ridicously out of reach (yes that price tag is evil) as I have my very own version/imitation/copy call it what you will of the jacket and all thanks to one of my favourite shops Zara. It was just meant to be, me and my friends sent it to each other, looked at it 345 times on the website and saw it in real life hanging in the shop but as much as I've gone on about the original I was being in my 'tight/sensible' self for a while and kept the strong mindset of 'Do I need that?' and just kept the vision of the Balmain spectaculars as just something that I would always remember and love. But...tonight there was one left in Zara and attached was a WRONG TICKET!!!!! (A quarter of the price!!) So it ends with a happy ending....I HAVE THE/MY JACKET!!!! The Real One:

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