Thursday, 15 November 2012

Best Photo's... Black and White.

Why are black and white photos so much more....interesting? genuine? (if you can describe a photo as having such element) intriguing? I'm referring to both photos that are really old so this is their original form and pictures taken recently but still capture this special mesmerising aura they have about them. the real old ones are classics, I love looking through old pictures of my nan and grandad and my mum and dad as kids I suppose they just seem more sentimental and so different in terms of everything about them due to the year they were taken when I hadn't even entered the world, is that why they are so mysterious? Maybe, but I also always think that they just have something about them that normal camera's these days do not capture, now technically speaking this is completely incorrect technology captures every single minuscule detail of the photo taken and then can be altered to exactly how you want it, maybe that's where the magic is lost? I was talking to my friend about it the other day, she said that digital camera's were ruining her memories, they are still being captured but now you take a photo have a look if its not one of your favourites or your pulling a hideous face its gone, deleted never to be returned again. Maybe, the best photos are the ones that are taken in the moment and then those hours waiting to get the film printed and then the even more exciting moment when you used to pick up the envelope and look through all of the photos and each one was new to you, never seen before, not altered and not deleted if it wasn't perfect, that's how it should of always stayed when it concerns personal photos I think? I was looking through the French Vogette tumblr and normally from here I'm manically saving every picture I come across, this time I was just interetsted in the black and white ones, I wont go on about why and how much I like them I'll just simply share you tell me there isnt something about black and white photos that you cant put your finger on exactly.

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