Friday, 9 November 2012

Eudon Choi.

In all fairness big (meaning alot of readers) bloggers are a significant platform to promote more or less anything for designers. My boyfriend always comments when I say something that is just plain obvious, which I've just managed to do again, I guess that's how the whole blogging/designer working relationship works just another form of advertisement reaching out to further audiences. Now its not for me to really delve into this and work out exactly what is going on here I suppose I am just curious as for me my blog is just something on the side, even though I wish with all my heart it was my actual living, for some bloggers, correct me if I'm wrong here, it is their actual 'job' however surely the blog is just a written narrative of their working life as a fashion writer/stylist/some other fashion related role? Well anyway, that's me just writing my thoughts out loud getting back to the whole point of this post basically I would not have found out about the designer Eudon Choi, or his work without seeing it on Sabrina's blog because fashion is just an interest of mine things that I find out about have to appear in the most popular sources, Vogue/Elle etc... not to say that's all I read as I love to read new things and constantly use the internet and follow all my favourite blogs so seeing these coats on her blog I was an immediate/instant fan of this unknown (to me) designer. I suppose to give my lazy self some credit when I do find something I like I do follow through and research more into it to obtain some knowledge not necessarily remembering the most factual information usually more interesting aspects such as inspiration 'For his AW12 collection, titled Terra Nova, Choi took the audience to Antarctica via the polar expedition of Captain Scott,I take the practicality and strong silhouette of the menswear element but then rework it for a woman," Choi says. "I think the perfect coat should offer a real sense of protection and be really practical. You want to be able to throw it on over any outfit, even jeans and a t-shirt .... and still look effortlessly chic.' Or I do love a story oh how they have jumped up the ladder to be in the position to launch their own collections. I used to read through and write my research up in my own words, now I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with the inclusion of links, so you read what I read. And it was all triggered by these two beautiful coats.....

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