Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Evil Twin.

It is frustrating when Google and other such sources fail me on delivering the information required to provide a substantial amount of knowledge about a new label I have discovered, Evil Twin. To be honest these 'discoveries' are not hard to come across and certainly not completely undiscovered proving that by the sheer fact that they are now being supposedly 'discovered' by me. Although its beneficial to me to find such brands on mainstream websites such as ASOS and Urban Outfitters, cutting out the research of finding talented new young designers, it sometimes feels as though now they have been seen and available to the masses as opposed to the excitement of feeling you have personally found a secret talent.

Any how, that view aside Evil Twin has a certain look that completely stands out from any website and enitrely captured on its own. The Sydney-based label deliver a grungy, punk-inspired aesthetic throughout their stand out collections, fusing hard lines and Gothic edges with feminine silhouettes, becoming the signature Evil Twin style. A style of which is a favourite of mine, also having something to do with the overall styling, the bandannas worn in the hair, messy hair and handfuls of trendy jewellery.

The website hosts three collections, and unfortunately lacks an 'about' section, however through various research methods I came across an interview with Jodie McKenzie, the designer behind such inspiring collections all with that rock and roll/grungy/cool girl look.

How she got her big break? After working in the industry four years designing with MinkPink I was given the opportunity to start my own line in late 2008, the first collection was launched in February 2009 and going on to exhibit at 2010 London Fashion Week.

McKenzie's description of the label...'When I started Evil Twin my idea was to offer something a little left of centre with a tougher edge...the kind of stuff my sister and I wanted to buy when we was growing up... but couldn't seem to find for a non-extortionate price tag. There's a strong musical and vintage influence to the brand, the 70s and 80s punk and glam rock scene are the most common.

The meaning of fashion to her? Confidence. Its not about what brand something is or how much you pay for it. To me its all about how you put it all together to suit who you are...something I personally couldn't agree with more.

McKenzie's personal style... I'm drawn to a lot of hard edges punk/gothic influences which i like to contrast with lace and soft tailoring. I have a ridiculous weakness for OTT accessories, lots of silver jewellery, anything leather, vintage sequins and trashed up leather black boots.

And who she wants wearing Evil Twin...Alice Dellal, to see her rocking some Evil Twin would be awesome, shes got amazing style...and once again I completely agree.

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