Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mary Katrantzou

Since starting this blog, and probably way before, but not to this extent, Ive been interested in everything fashioney, and following on from my own made up word claiming that I'm interested is my own interpretation of what that consists of. Working so far away from fashion, banking, I spend most of the time trying to sneakily read my inbox of new posts from my favoured blogs/trying to get a look at new collections being paraded down the catwalk at the various fashion weeks/reading fashion magazines on the tube travelling there in the morning and on the way home/making wish lists from various online sites...discovering designers and researching anything that I don't have a full understanding of...and trying to get all of this in each different post I create. I often sit at work, questioning my decision that I have chosen to sit in an office as opposed to pursuing a career in fashion, this nagging to myself is even more heightened when I receive a text from a close friend just informing me that she is on her way to a few fashion shows for the last day of London Fashion week...and yes, no point denying it..i get a pang of jealousy even when its just reviewing photos that fellow bloggers have posted and have had the opportunity to see...but it seems even closer when its my friend, it makes it feel almost possible that yes one day, I will be sitting next to a catwalk admiring the beautiful pieces go by on them beautiful models.

However, looking on the positive side, it has allowed me to discover another designer...Mary Katrantzou....and for the first time ever use the photos from their original source following in the new steps of making this blog more personal to me.

Originally from Athens, Greece, Mary attended Rhode Island School of Design and then completed both her BA and MA at Central Saint Martins, Mary has previously worked for Sophia Kokosalaki and freelanced for Bill Blass, amongst other designers.

Her design signatures? 'A hyperrealist aesthetic, bold graphics and industrial jewellery.' She has been described as having a liberated spirit and strong sense of style, perfectly backed up in the AW11 collection in which her inspirations were Diana Vreeland, coromandel screens and the interwar period.

Finally, how does London influence her designs? 'Its a constant source of energy and inspiration to live and work in London, It has a reputation for great fashion, influential museums and strong education. That all becomes part of your formation.'

Not an expert on how to put collections into words, I am struck by the sheer wondrous structure of the skirts and dresses, made in her signature 'bold graphics' I love how the prints are a whole mixture all put together with a whole variation of colour palettes used, a perfect ensemble. The collection is certainly distinctive, innovative and harshly structured contrasted with the feminine touch being the floral, intricate designed prints.

Photography: Sarah Molloy.

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