Sunday, 13 February 2011

A Member Of The Aztec.

Following my recent attraction to everything donning this diagonal/abstract/squarey sort of pattern I was able to track down the exact word...yes I think Its only me in the whole world that wasn't aware of the Aztec Pattern, content that now my ramblings of the descriptive pattern is now condensed down to just one word when searching for everything possible form made of the design. Aztec. Of course that was not substantial enough just to discover the word, if i wasn't ignorant enough not even knowing what it was called it wouldn't be appropriate to merely go on a search frenzy and purchase everything Aztec, I needed to research what the whole topic was about, clearly influencing many fashion houses.

1. A member of people of central Mexico whose civilisation was at its height at the time of the Spanish conquest in the early 16th century.
2. The Nahauat language of the Aztecs.
Aztec clothing was often made of beautiful fabric, though the extent of the quality of the cloth was dependant on the wealth of the wearer. With the art of clothes making an important craft of the ancient Aztecs, however, it is no wonder the Aztec clothes contained vivid colours and intricate designs. The Aztec women were held responsible for making the clothing. This was accomplished by first twisting cotton and fibres onto a stick, which was weighted down with a clay spindle whorl, in order to make thread. Through their simple hand tools, they were able to use this thread to make clothe for use in capes and loincloths for the men, the capes were knotted over just one shoulder.The female Aztec dress, on the other hand, consisted of sleeveless blouses and long wraparoud skirts. the Aztec headdress was made with cloth and contained knotted feathers created by Aztec craftsmen.


So from this, we now see the inspiration in various forms, from winter knits to summer shorts and dresses, it has that certain tribal look to it, creating a cool summer look in bright colours, to a more wintery feel with the dulled down colour palette, this has also carried through to inspire various jewelery designers spotting aztec inspired necklaces and bracelets, with seed-bead embellishments in both the traditional Mexican colours and amped-up day-glo hues.


  1. Love the tribal patterns. I have a sweater with this look. A dress would be one of my top picks.

    Check out Runway Rundown!!

  2. Looks cool I think


  3. obsessing over this print!! Great pieces :) Now following you on bloglovin'

  4. I love zoey. great post

  5. Love these coats

    Kisses from France.

  6. LOVE this post! the more aztec, the merrier!!! AZTECAMAZINGGGG!!!!

    ashley <3

  7. I don't have anything Aztec print, but I really think I should after seeing this post! Especially love the jumpers & cardigans.

  8. love all the navajo/aztec/southwestern inspired photos. super fucking cute.



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