Thursday, 3 February 2011

Put A Ring On Us..Zoe & Morgan.

I'm obsessed with the whole 'rock and roll' hands, fingers crowded with trendy rings, a mismatch of styles, a treasure chest of jewels displayed on just one hand. Its all relating back to 'that look' that I love...messy hair, a jumble of an outfit, but that cool 'Kate' inspired look, recently I have been reading through another chapter of Luella's Guide To English Style, Ive never before read something that Ive yearned to have the ability to get my exact thoughts down in writing, Luella has done this for me, I was so excited about, what can only be described as a personal break through! I was getting tired of the whole 'that look' it didn't conjure up all of my thoughts and feelings about the image in my head, but I'll dedicate a whole post to that, it triggered way to much excitement and enthusiasm to merely slip it into another subject.

So from that, it was inevitable that i would be attracted to such sentence..'Luxury jewellery with a rock and roll edge' and this led me to Zoe & Morgan. The designer sibling continued the legacy of their father Douglas Sibbald, a jewellery designer who had his first workshop in Ibiza, before moving to England and then New Zealand. 'Moonbird' was a place where Zoe, Ruth and Morgan watched the process of jewellery making from start to finish:sparkling materials, careful combinations, the delicate work of assembly and then the final piece, heavy and wondrous in their small hands.

Launched in summer 2006, it was an immediate success, demand getting so high Ruth joined the team, adopting the position of company manger. With Zoe & Morgan every jewel has a story to tell...


  1. i love jewelry as well. i recently did a post that has a collection of photos of rings that i think you would like ;)

  2. great rings! i really love the "yes" and "hope" rings

  3. LOVE the rings!! I'm obsessed with jewelry!

    Stop by sometime dear! Maybe we can follow each other if you like:)

  4. Awesome rings! I especially like that the Zoe and Morgan rings look like ropes. =D

  5. Yes I love these ones too, they are called 'forget me not' rings, makes them even nicer! x

  6. that armor ring in the first picture and the "love" ring are beautiful



  7. Oh my!. The anchor ring is a must-have!
    -xxoo :)

  8. i love this trend too - a handful of rings so chic!

  9. I need her pieces!

    Love Grace.

  10. love that love ring.

    if you like vintage and I think you do...please come check out our website!


  11. Hi All,
    Great to read your blog, of course rings have been a part of my life since I was a young girl, my Dad used to have to cut them off my fingers as I grew!
    The Love Lasso and Forget Me Knot rings were the first of the series of rope rings that we created, and they are still firm favorites.
    This season we have just released the magic ring too!
    x Ruth from Zoe and Morgan


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