Saturday, 12 February 2011

Velvet Slippers on The Catwalk...Yes Jenni Kayne

Its around this sort of time where blogging as just a hobby starts to get slightly depressing in some senses, what I am referring to here, and yes with maybe a slightly jealous streak, are the words New York Fashion Week, or any fashion week for that matter. And yes I know its just as wonderful scoring the Internet to get a glimpse of all the new Fall collections, I cant help but have visions of how wondrous it would be to actually be sitting at a show, but clearly that's for the talented individuals who have the ability to write so creatively about each piece parading down that fantasy catwalk right before there very eyes, having the skills that makes the descriptions almost as though you have seen it in real life and would know every detail.

Although I do admire greatly the words of the fashion writers and thoroughly enjoy reading through them, I love the thought that its merely a personal, although highly knowledgeable and experienced, opinion, an observation of what is being shown by the designer,and depending on who you are and what position you are sitting in, each adjusting the influential ability to others, from the likes of Anna Wintour all the way down the 'fashion' scale to me, an individual with enough passion to turn it into a general hobby of producing a blog, an opinion is an opinion and that's what I like, I can take a completely different assumption to someone else with there being no wrong or right answer....leading to designer Jenni Kayne, now in my view just looking at the collection, yes unfortunately from secondary sources, is just perfect to me, at first glimpse it was them beautiful velvet slippers that intrigued me.

Jenni Kayne launched her line in 2003, when she was just nineteen, now as much as I play down that anyone can have an opinion on all things associated with Fashion, it never fails to amaze me of the talents designers posses, lacking in such skills each time I see a collection I am just baffled at how the whole production starts and ends, appreciating even just looking at the final versions completed. She quickly established her signature look; a refined, subtle interpretation of classic American sportswear that draws on her California upbringing and uncomplicated design sensibility. 'Super chic, easy to wear clothes, that's what I do, nothing tricky nothing precious, just good clothes that work for you'

And its clear that the passion, maybe, is just built within you? Her interest in fashion was evident from an early age. When she was eight, she announced that she wanted to be a designer. after attending the Otis College of Art and Design for two semesters, she became a buyer for a Santa Monica boutique at the age of eighteen, I always believe that if you have enough passion you will hopefully get to the position you dream of, if you have the drive why should you take no as an answer and give up wheres the compromise in that? And although it takes time and dedication and slight turns away from the final goal, even being in the industry in some sort of way just adds to your knowledge that could help in your desired goal. In this position she traveled to Europe and gained firsthand knowledge of everything from artisan handicrafts to production techniques. Supporting my view...this experience helped her to launch her own line at Los Angeles fashion week just a year later. She began showing at New York fashion week in 2005, and was inducted into the Council of Fashion Designers of America three years later.

In 2007 Kayne opened her first shop in West Hollywood, also being stocked in specialist boutiques all around the world. 'I think what sets the collection apart is that we offer something sophisticated and classic at a price point that's more accessible to alot of women. My customer loves fashion, but she wants clothes that she'll go back to again and again, and that what I want to give her.'

The FW 11/12 collection was a classic collection of her signature style along with what she believes in. The mixture of cool casual and glamour was sensational, plain round neck knits with sequined mini's and all finished with pixie like velvet, flat slippers. I loved the chunky knits with the femininity of the flowing silks in the form of slouchy loose trousers, and the more structured almost militant outerwear with intricate mini skirts and dresses, with some perfectly accompanied with fur accessories. And the star of the show? the inclusion of the feather skirt teamed with a formal blazer.

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  1. I absolutely love this collection! Weren't there also more bright colours in the collection?



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