Sunday, 6 February 2011

One Teaspoon. Please

'From jumping on a bus from Queensland to Sydney when she was a teen, hand making the first denim jeans on her bedroom floor to building an internationally successful brand in just 10 years. Jamie Blakey is the most motivational, creative and ingentive person I have ever met. The words 'cant' and 'wont' do not exist in her vocab. Give her 30 minutes, a bag of fabric and a sewing machine and BOOM your on the social pages 'it girl' list by Sunday.'

And she does this all with an essence of pure calm and no bullsh*t attitude.

Dressed as a bohemian mechanic one day and Slash the next, Jamie takes direction from everyday inspiration more than trend. The company organically carves its own path through a crazy haphazard world of fashion, maintaining its emphasis on the mantra 'If it isnt fun then why do it?' This ethos is bred through every facet of One Teaspoon. The hot staff, the kids chilllin in leather jackets, the sexy hubbies to breed of dogs they walk. The type of chicks you wanna invite back to your dinner party cos you know they'll be up till 4am talking about first kisses and dodged bullets, eating cold Dominos and playing guitar hero just to drag it out one more hour. Their ant no 'T' in team, reins true under the OT roof. Its a creative humming nest of energy. A team of people who welcome collaborations and turn ideas and dreams into reality in the most creative and fun ways possible.

It is these intrinsic strengths that have pushed OT to the top, a steady incline in world wide retailers including, Japan, Canada,, Australia, that's just a few among 32 counties they have secured in 18 months.

One Teaspoon has dug its leopard print flag in the ground and marked its territory by providing cool kids with cool threads, 24/7 from the beach to the streets. Jamie is not going anywhere soon, she is and will continue to ride her own wild horse into a glorious sunset in a the best denim shorts you will ever get your cotton pickin' hands on!

Jump on board the OT train and enjoy the Love affair with life, the best journey you can ever imagine.

And as for the rest on the team here goes....

And Bambi in their latest Lookbook,Winter 2011, The Wanderer, killer combinations or??


  1. amazin post here dear!

    bambi is so cool!

    love that editorial

    great blog:)


  2. Okay. I am in lvoe with, well everything you have posted. That editorial is amazing.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth


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