Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Blonde + Colour.

The girl with the pink hair? Yes American model Charlotte Free. Im glad we are going through a stage where the modelling world is undoubtedly transforming into a much more democratic arena, after years of seemingly blank and unmemorable teenage faces stalking the runways and campaigns , a personality with a unique selling point is now the way forward. And now we have Charlotte with her flash of pink, the 18 year old model from Los Angeles was discovered whilst out shopping, i always say this must be an easy job, models stand out from the crowd completely in their own world and even more so for Charlotte with her platinum-bleached and fluorescent-dyed hair makes her so incongruous.

Charlotte caught the eye of Dame Vivienne Westwood who chose her to open her Red Label Collection at London Fashion week, and having her own unique buns at Topshop Unique.

People have fell in love with the pink, and what a compliment to Free who dyes her hair herself in the comfort of her own home.

And as for the rest of the colours...why not?


  1. Ahhh I want coloured tips! So so rad! xx following you now

  2. I want to try this so bad, but for somewhat (obvious) reasons I'm terrified. I have light blonde hair (get it...blondehaus...haha) so I think Ill start with light pink. That's a safe bet...right?

  3. Yeah I know I dont think I could do it! I think light blonde looks really nice with that light pink and it isnt that extreme? Well compared to the green and blue! I think you should try it!

  4. Can't get over how AMAZINGLY COOL Kate Boswoth looks!! The coloured tips with the boyish/masculinity charm in her outfit! Love it!

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